The SPCA of Upstate New York

spca-upstate-nyDr. Haring has been working hand in hand with the SPCA since 2002.

She takes great pride in what the SPCA does for thousands of animals each year. It is with daily determination that Dr. Haring and Cathy Cloutier, the director of the SPCA, change the lives of so many animals. They will continue to forge forward to benefit our furry friends.

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“In case you have never met Dr. Kyra Haring, owner of For Pet’s Sake Veterinary Center, I would like to introduce to you the most caring veterinarian that our shelter has ever had the privilege and honor to work with for almost 14 years. Our relationship encompasses the lives and well being of over 17,000 animals. Dr. Haring has seen the best of the best, and the worst that some of you could only imagine. As a humane law enforcement agency, The SPCA of Upstate New York, investigates with local law enforcement abuse cases. When seizures are necessary, Dr. Haring evaluates all the animals that are rescued from these deplorable environments. In many cases she has been called to testify at the Grand Jury for criminal indictments. Words alone can not express our heartfelt and sincere appreciation for all the lives she has saved, the many difficult surgeries she has undertaken , the research that goes into the extra step to save a life that would otherwise have had no chance, and the many hearts she has touched with the loving care that she puts into her practice for each and every animal that comes through her door.”

Cathy A. Cloutier, Executive Director
SPCA of Upstate New York, Inc.